Helping first responders work more safely and effectively after dark.

Sam Massa, CEOThank you for your interest in FireTech solutions LED Scene Light and other products by HiViz LED Lighting!

When I began working in the Fire/Rescue/EMS field, I noticed a distinct need for improved quality of light on our rescue scenes. I started HiViz LED Lighting with the goal to revolutionize the way the Fire and Emergency Services personnel do their jobs after dark. I believed that this was one of the areas that could be most improved by the introduction of new and innovative LED scene lighting. Therefore, we set about producing the absolute best in LED scene lighting and brow lights for emergency vehicles.

Sam Massa, Owner and Founder of HiViz LED Lighting

Our Guarantee

More light where it matters, for a similar cost, with a lifetime advance-exchange warranty.

Our Emergency Scene Lighting Company

HiViz LED Lighting is dedicated to developing the most innovative, highest quality LED scene lighting solutions on the market. Our products range from our flagship 72” low profile LED FireTech brow light to small compartment lights, emergency scene lights, LED floodlights, and everything in between.

Our entire product line is focused on providing our customers with emergency scene lighting that will be at its best when situations are at their worst. Unlike other manufacturers, our focus lays exclusively in forward-facing visible LED scene lighting products. This singular focus allows a specialist’s approach designing the ultimate scene lighting solution.

We build products that put more light on your emergency scene than any other manufacturer, specifically in the areas where you need it, all the while streamlining the look of your apparatus and eliminating your lighting maintenance costs. We are so confident in our product offering that we couple them with the industry’s only limited Lifetime guarantee.

What Defines Us

  • Excellent Product
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Hard Work
  • Passion

Our Core Values

1. A defect-free product is our policy.

2. We will be energetic, enthusiastic, and tenacious in our work. But we will always do it with integrity.

3. We will provide above and beyond customer service. We will communicate proactively and do what we say we are going to do.

4. We will always remember that every customer is the most important customer.

5. We will enjoy our work, our team, and our customers. Passion is key.

6. We will lead from the trenches; nobody is too good for any job or task.

7. We will admit when we’re wrong or when something needs improving. We are not afraid to say “I don’t know,” and we will help each other overcome obstacles and find answers.

A Passion to Improve the Working Conditions of Emergency Responders

We are proud to be one of the most trusted sources for LED scene lighting for first responders and believe that this label comes with the obligation to always keep our products to the highest quality. With that in mind, we constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. Since our focus is entirely on emergency LED scene lights, you can be confident that all of our expertise and focus is bent towards perfecting the particulars of scene lighting in general and our Firetech brow lighting specifically.

We Look Forward to Providing Quality LED Lighting Solutions

Thank you for your service, and for the sacrifices you make every day as a first responder. We look forward to continuing the tradition of service through supporting your lighting needs on your next Fire Apparatus. If you would like to learn more about our scene lighting products, you can contact us online or call us at 703-662-3458.

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