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Our FireTech brand Brow Lights and LED Scene Lights

The “FireTech” configuration is a specialty line developed exclusively for the fire market by HiViz LEDs. The FireTech branding means the products have been tested by firefighters, deployed in the field, and proven to solve real-world problems. The best part? FireTech branded products are backed by the industry’s ONLY limited Lifetime Warranty. With confidence in your emergency scene lighting brought about by this warranty, you can work in dangerous, high-stress environments safe in the knowledge that your lighting won’t fail you.


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EMS and other First Responders

Are you looking for scene lighting for Ambulance and EMS applications?

We have you covered.

Our products aren’t exclusive to firefighters. At HiViz LEDs, we understand that all public service responders need quality lighting to safely perform the tasks of their profession. Updating your EMS vehicle with FireTech products means you can light up any scene regardless of condition

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