How long have you been a part of the team?

I started in 2016 after finding the position on LinkedIN

What do you do for the company?

I’m a marketing specialist. I do product design, social media, marketing analytics, web maintenance. I also do custom fit outs and renderings for all sorts of equipment that needs lighting across 6 different international brands.

Why do you come to work every day?

I enjoy work because I have a really diverse position. For the most part, if there’s a direction I want to take and I can justify why we should, the team are happy to let me implement that.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Netflix and chill. I have a salt water aquirium which has clown fish and a bunch of other fish in it. It’s an almost 100 gallon system with a 40 gallon display. I also used to play rugby.

What is your favorite product?

I really like the XPRS halo. I really like the halo feature and the feature that nobody eles has where the whole bar is backlit. Everyone else is competing against solid rings and we went to the next step.

Tell us something that will blow your mind

I used to work at a bank but wasn’t enjoying it very much. I was trying to get on at boeing at the time. I took a class to get certified as an aerospace assembly mechanic. I worked at zodiac for a while building interior panels but I wanted to use my degree in a position that had dual focus on management and marketing.

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