Firehouse World 2018 Sunny San Diego

2018 REV Summit – REV IT UP!

August 10, 2018

HiViz LED's are stopping by the REV Summit and are ready to show you all about the FireTech product line. Learn more by checking out our great selection online or visit our booth at the trade show! READ MORE »

Ontario California Fitout

July 9, 2018

FireTech Brow Light
Even before your new fire truck or EMS vehicle has been built, we can take 3D renderings to design and create the perfect light fixture for your apparatus. Don't let poor scene lighting leave your team at a disadvantage during emergencies. READ MORE »

Bigger Is Not Always Better In The Age Of Modern Lighting Technology

February 11, 2018

  For the last 25 years, lighting manufacturers have been in a fierce competition to out-shine each other.  The focus of modern manufacturers’ has been one-upping the next with more lumens from their latest fixture.   Specifically with regard to LED technologies, we saw fixtures in the 10,000 lumen range initially, then 15,000 lumens, 5 or […] READ MORE »

Introducing the FireTech Guardian LED Surface Mount Scene Light!

April 10, 2017

 HiViz LED Lighting Releases a lifetime warranted surface-mount LED scene light for firefighters, designed by firefighters, with more light at a faction of the cost. Debuting at FDIC 2017, HiViz LED Lighting is yet again revolutionizing the LED Scene lighting industry. The FireTech “Guardian” Surface Mounted LED Scene light is designed to give superior light […] READ MORE »

A must read when considering swapping AC fixtures to 12v LEDs

December 26, 2015

By Sam Massa 12/26/2015 Swapping old 120v/240v AC halogen fixtures to 12v DC LED fixtures  Many fire departments elect to swap their scene lighting over from 120v/240v AC (generator powered) to 12v DC when doing an LED scene light retrofit.  We see customers all the time who have large PTO generators on their apparatus with […] READ MORE »

Measuring light output;

December 3, 2015

a simple comparison to help firefighters grasp seemingly complex topics in lighting.  By Sam Massa Firefighters often get a bad rap in the technical communities as being more like cavemen than the scholarly “academic” types.  After all, our group does run in to burning buildings when everyone else is running out.  What most don’t understand, […] READ MORE »