2018 Rosenbauer Dealer Meeting

What’s up Rosenbauer dealers! It’s Sam from HiViz LED Lighting and I’m finally here! I made it to your plant up in Minnesota!

Not only am I’m freezing, but I’ve also really enjoyed my time seeing all our great FireTech Brow Lights and other HiViz LED lighting accessories. There are a ton of these things around the new line of Rosenbauer fire trucks.

As I was walking, I noticed all the orders saying Anchorage, Alaska, others from customers up in Canada and all around the US with FireTech Brow Lights on the front and it’s pretty exciting.

Thanks for All the Hard Work!

I just want to take a minute to say thank you for all the hard work you guys are putting into making the Brow Lights and rest of our products a successful and integrated part into the Rosenbauer platform.

FireTech Headlights for Your Fire Truck

This year, we’re going to be doing some work on our line of headlights.

These are our headlights down below:

They’ve got integrated park lamp as well as a low beam and a high beam.

This is an option.

It’s going to be similar in cost what you’re buying today from the high end part of the market. We offer a lifetime warranty and that’s the same thing as our FireTech Brow Light and any of the products badged with the FireTech emblem, they are guaranteed for the service life of your apparatus and our failure rate is less than 10th of a percent.

So check out the headlights and, check out our Guardian and our Guardian Elite.

These are surface mounted scene lights and 10,000 and 20,000 equivalent lumen output. This can be mounted on the side of cab, side of a body, anywhere a 7×9 sized fixture would work, and at FDIC this year, you’ll have to come by and check out the new Guardian Junior.


That’s a new part that’s about 4×6 inches, a smaller fixture, that’s going to be 3000 measured lumens and about 6000 raw advertised lumens.

Give Our Team at FireTech a Call for Your Next Fire Truck Brow Lights

Anyway, for more information about the HiViz LED Lighting brand, please stop by and say hello. I’ll trade business cards with you and certainly do a follow up. If I can come up and see your facilities, definitely, let me know, we’ll make sure we’ll plan it. And if you like to come to see ours, we’re in Asheville and we’re in Seattle; you’re welcome any time.

I’m looking forward to meeting here at the event and thanks so much for all of your hard work. We’ll see you later.

We can be reached by online contact form or call 703-662-3458.


 HiViz LED Lighting Releases a lifetime warranted surface-mount LED scene light for firefighters, designed by firefighters, with more light at a faction of the cost.

Debuting at FDIC 2017, HiViz LED Lighting is yet again revolutionizing the LED Scene lighting industry. The FireTech “Guardian” Surface Mounted LED Scene light is designed to give superior light output, in the areas that are needed by firefighters and EMTs, for a fraction of the cost of the current competitive industry standard components.

The Guardian LED Scene light is offered in two versions; the Guardian (standard), and the Guardian “Elite.”  Both versions will use a 7.25”x 5.25” mounting hole layout which matches the most common 7×9 “900 series” fixtures in the industry.  The Guardian LED Surface mount scene light will produce close to 6,500 measured lumens of light.  It will also experience less than 15% thermal degradation after saturation.  The Guardian is the perfect solution for your EMS fleet or when retrofitting fire apparatus on a conservative budget.

The Guardian “Elite” is designed with larger Rescue and Firefighting apparatus in mind.  It will produce an earth shattering 12,500 MEASURED lumens, which compares favorably against fixtures commonly advertised in the fire industry as 20,000 lumens or more.  To make this fixture even more applicable to the Fire/Rescue industry, half of the circuit boards in the Guardian series of LED Surface Mounted scene lights are articulated 10 degrees down, putting more of the light created at the source (lumens) on the intended target (lux).

In a recent interview, Sam Massa, President of HiViz LED Lighting and North Carolina Firefighter/EMT himself, put it in a nutshell: “Y’a know, I’ve been out there on the side of the road at 2AM, and its crazy to think you can respond to an incident in a $1M apparatus, designed with the latest and greatest equipment the fire industry has to offer, and even so, still stand there on the side of the road not being able to see to do your job.”  Sam went on to mention how the Guardian LED Scene light was specifically engineered to optimize light placement near the apparatus, while still projecting ample light on to the areas farther from the rig.  “Fire scenes are like fingerprints,” he says. “There are never two alike.  Because of that, we had to come up with a housing design that allowed us to emit light along different planes using separate optics, so that in any situation, the fixture would do its job of putting light exactly where it is needed.”

The Guardian LED Scene Light meets or exceeds scene lighting requirements set forth for Fire Apparatus in NFPA 1901, and in 1916 and the GSA KKK Spec for Automotive Ambulances.  Getting the performance and optics is only half the equation.  The team at HiViz LED Lighting is so confident in the anticipated success and long-term service life of this fixture, they are backing it with their industry leading Limited LIFETIME Warranty.


For more info about the Guardian LED Scene light, stop by booth 3754 at FDIC (ICC) in Indianapolis IA, Apr 24-27 2017.  If you’re not at the show, please visit www.hivizleds.com or contact your nearest HiViz LED’s “FireTech” dealer to schedule a demo.

The 2016 NFPA 1901 Standard has some changes to language that could save you a lot of money on your Ariel device’s Scene lighting package!

In 2009 1901, if you were going to use a flood light on the tip of your Ariel device to light the waterway, (1901.19.18.6) it was required to produce “not less than 10,500 lumens.”  For a traditional 500-1500w+ quartz fixture, achieving that output was no massive triumph, or shock to the wallet.  However, with many departments opting for LED scene lighting, the cost of an LED fixture that produced 10,500 lumens could often climb as high as $1,200.

NFPA 1901
NFPA 1901 Standard containing useful changes to measuring Scene Lighting

In 2016, the requirements for fixture output change.  First things first, NFPA moved to define how Lumens are to be measured.  This was a huge problem in the past.  Historically, each lighting manufacturer used their own measurement scale to come up with a “lumens” output number.  When a sample of 4 manufacturer’s 15,000 lumens LED fire market fixtures were tested by a 3rd party photometric lab, the data showed that the actual measured output varied by as much as 300%.  This wasn’t necessarily malicious on the part of the manufactures, rather, because there was no standard, it left many important variables up to interpretation.  Remember when the EPA regulated how Fuel Mileage was to be estimated by Auto Manufacturers?  Same story, different application.

Once the process for measuring was defined, the number was actually reduced from 10,500 “ambiguous” lumens to 4,000 “measured” lumens.  For more info on measuring light output, check out this blog post from Dec 2015.

Here’s the nuts and bolts of how these changes work: says “Measurement for a floodlight shall be made with a goniophotometer or other instrument that measures the actual light output from the fixture in relation to positions around the fixture”

^ This language specifically requires a tool and a test to be preformed to measure the fixture output.   In the past, no test was required and often light output was based on a calculation.

In order to accurately measure “Total Luminous Flux,” or as most refer to it as “Effective Lumens,” the light fixture is placed on a moving piece of equipment and shined down a long tunnel at an extremely sensitive light sensor (it looks like a big overhead projector screen). The sensor and equipment are hooked to a computer which interprets the data. We personify this data as the light’s “DNA”, or in computer speak, it is rendered down in to a file called an “IES file.”

From that file, a report can be generated that shows total luminous flux (how much light and the new pertinent NFPA required terminology), color temperature (how red, yellow or blue or purple the light is), the luminous efficacy (essentially how many measurable lumens per watt created), and the optic beam pattern. saysLight output of the complete fixture, including the light source, shall be measured with the light source and fixture at a steady-state temperature”

^ This means that the light has to be turned on and allowed to get hot before it is measured. The reason behind this is that LEDs become much less efficient when they get hot, and managing that heat is one of the principle differences in how different manufacturers build their lighting products. Seldom do lights in the real world get turned on and right back off again, so this section requires that the test be preformed after the light is heated all the way up. Optical Test Data shall be certified by the device manufacturer and the data shall be available from the device manufacturer upon request.

^ This is what changes the game. Because device manufactures are required to make their test reports available, it will hold manufacturers accountable and allow for fair competition in the market.  Competition by manufacturers is a good thing for the consumer and ultimately saves them money.  As a consumer or manufacture, you should request copies of ALL lighting Photometric reports to ensure your truck is compliant, and that you are getting what you paid for.

Remember that $1,200 fixture that was required using the old language?  An example of a fixture that meets the new total Luminous Flux of 4,000lm is the $350 HiViz LED’s FIRETECH FT-WLX9, which in practice can offer a fire department up to $850 of savings and comparable or better light output.


About the Author:

SAM MASSA is the President and Chief Technologist for HiViz LED Lighting, a manufacturer of specialty scene lighting equipment with a primary focus on the Fire and Emergency Services market.  Sam is a North Carolina Firefighter / EMT and community contributor / active participant who provided valuable public commentation from the Scene Lighting industry to the NFPA 1901 revision’s technical committee.  Sam has 11 years of entrepreneurial experience running small business and advising industries on technical topics ranging from Fuel Systems to LED Scene Lighting.

HiViz LED Lighting is located in Lillington, NC and is a member in good standing with the Fire Apparatus Manufacturer’s Association.  For more information about how FireTech Brow LightScene LightWork Lights, and Compartment Lighting solutions can be implemented in your fire department and on your fleet, contact HiViz LED lighting here.

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