Firehouse World 2018 Sunny San Diego


What’s up!? It’s Sam from HiViz LED Lighting. We’re here at the Firehouse World 2018 Show and we’re super excited to be here at this event. Thanks so much for having us in your city. This place is awesome, and we are looking forward to seeing you around the show. Come on inside and let’s check it out!

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For more information, check us out online at You can see the Guardian and rest of the FireTech brand scene lighting products. We can be reached by online contact form or call 703-662-3458.

Welcome to REV Summit 2018. I’m Sam from HiViz LED Lighting’s FireTech brand and we are super excited to be here this event.

A Top Choice for Emergency Scene Lights

FireTech products are often imitated, but never duplicated. With close to 70 patterns worldwide, we’re proud of the ideas we come up with. Fortunately, competition breeds innovation and we’re eager to see our company rise to the challenge.

Stop by our Booth at FDIC 2018 to see how we’re working to continue to push the envelope and improve the safety of firefighters worldwide.

Some History of HiViz LED’s First FireTech Scene Lighting Product

The very first FireTech product was actually installed on a REV Group E-ONE fire truck about 7 years ago and since then we have really grown a line of business and in the development of our product range. It’s been a real pleasure working with all the REV Group brands since the inception of the FireTech brand, really growing in E-ONE, KME.

New HiViz LED Products are in Development

Now we’re doing some work with Ferrara and we’re excited to be working now with the endless divisions. Part of the 2018 focus is going to be developing out the product range specifically geared EMS marketplace and the REV Group, of course, we know the champion in that area.

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Check us out online at or give us a call. You can even stop by one of the many trade shows we’re attending this year and, we’ll be happy to talk to you about the HiViz LED’s FireTech brand of scene lights.

We can be reached by online contact form or call 703-662-3458.