Ontario California Fitout

All right, so here we are standing in front of Ontario California’s new tiller truck.

It’s a pretty interesting history regarding the design process for how we came up with lighting package used on this truck.

A Quest to Find the Right Emergency Lighting Output

So a couple of years ago, here at this show, we met the guys from Ontario. We discussed ways to create the optimal light output needed for a safe and efficient working condition.

During the process we began talking about how to create more lighting in specific areas that they need in front of a truck, so we started with a 72 inch FireTech brow light.

Fine Tuning the Solution for Emergency Scene Lighting

As our conversation evolved, they began asking other types of design questions that really helped us craft the right lighting apparatus for their newly designed fire truck.

How HiViz LEDs Creates Scene Lighting Fixtures

One of the things that HiViz offers is the ability to design a truck digitally, before it is every manufactured. This is done so we can recreate where the light falls and know exactly how much light is going to fall in any given point inside of the truck.

This is called a fit-out guide. For the Ontario Fire Departement we started with the KNE 2D drawing of the truck. ontario_outfit_schematic

A KNE 2D drawing is what the truck manufactures uses for fits out when they’re configuring compartments and other truck features. Then our team took the 2D drawing and created a 3D rendering of the truck. We do this so we can represent how high and how wide the truck will be. From there we can fine tune which fixture would be best for optimal output.

For example, we could say, “okay, let’s try this fixture with may be 10-degree optics, now let’s try with 60-degree optics” then we are able to tweak the optic pattern for each fixture whether it be for a brow light, a side-scene light or even up on the aerial.




You will see the tip in tracking lights, the side scene lights, the pole lights and other fixtures. We change each one of the parts until we find exactly the right amount of light in every area near the side of the truck. Once we are done, we are able to guarantee NFPA compliance as well as maximize the light the customer is looking for different areas around the fire ground.

No Cost Video Analysis for Our Valued Customers

Now this video-guided process is something we do at no cost for our customers. No matter where in the US your truck is being manufactured, our team is happy to provide you with the 3D video analysis so you can have the right light fixture installed at build, instead of retrofitting after the vehicle is on the streets.

Give FireTech a Call for Emergency Lights on Your Next Fire Truck

Anyway check us out online at hivizleds or give us a call, stop by one of the trade shows, we’ll be happy to talk to you about the HiViz fit-out guide process.

I’m looking forward to meeting here at the event and thanks so much for all of your hard work. We’ll see you later.

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