The Most Advanced Surface Mounted Scene Light on Earth

Hi I’m Sam Massa with HiViz LED Lighting in the FireTech Brand Lights. Today, we’re talking about the FireTech Guardian, which is our new Surface-Mounted LED Scene Light designed for the fire and emergency service industry.

2 Models for the FireTech Guardian Scene Light

Now this thing is pretty cool. We offer it in two models, a 10,000 and 20,000 lumen effective equivalent type fixture.

It actually makes about 6,000 and 11,000 measured lumens. I’ll talk more about that later.

What’s cool about this fixture is we designed this that it can passively dissipate the heat generated from the circuit broad. So you see this is really big heat sink. What’s cool about this part is that when you turn it on, we’ll only lose about 10% or 15% of the light output when the temperature of the fixture with just thermal saturation.

That’s unlike a lot of the fixtures in the industry that are really thin, they draw more power, produce more heat and the chips are affected by that temperature.

Features of the FireTech Guardian Scene Light

There are a couple of cool features to this part.

Number one, screws that hold this thing to the body of the truck and never touch the lens. From past experience working on an ambulance, a lot of times I have seen that light has a crack in the corner where the screw bolts in the fixture.

Screws and an Aluminum Housing

With our fixture this screw always touches the aluminum slug, not the lens, so you’ll never have a crack right in the corner where the screw holes sink with the body.

Circuit Boards

Another cool feature of the Guardian is the circuit boards are actually articulated down. So instead of having to take this fixture and mount it on a tilt, so that it shines under the fire scene where you wanted.

We’re able to move the LEDs, the boards and the optics onto an aluminum piece of the slug, so we can still get heat sinks in the backend of the housing. We get the optics, so light displays where we went on the fire scene. So when you look at our videos, you will see the light comes straight down the body and then projects evenly along the scene for really great scene like pattern around the emergency vehicle.


Last but not least on the back of this fixture, we have a part called GORE-TEX valve, so one of the things that happens when you turn a fixture like this on and there is airspace inside.

As temperature increases as the chips reach their operating temperature, the pressure inside this housing also increases. Without the GORE-TEX valve, you have a build up pressure which can sometimes cause the seals to blow out.

We’ve added that valve to allow the pressure to equalize inside this housing and then we allow for that to cool and contract, drawing in your backing without letting moisture pass through.

It’s kind of special membrane.

It’s coated the material, which prevents the moisture going through, so we can guarantee this fixture for as long as your trucks in service. Effectively a lifetime warranty on any of the products we build in the FireTech brand because of the few of those technologies.

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