Unboxing the First Headlight Designed Specifically for Fire Trucks

Hey what’s up? It’s Sam from HiViz LED Lighting FireTech Lights. Today, we’re here with our freshly designed packaging and the FireTech 4X6 LED headlight.

The Perfect Headlight for Emergency Vehicles

Now this thing is super cool. If you haven’t seen them before, there are a couple of new features that makes this thing a perfect headlight solution for an emergency vehicle or first responder vehicle that makes it a little bit different than over the road vehicles.

So, first things first, let’s go ahead and open this thing up and I’ll tell you a little bit about what makes this thing so unique and designed specifically for fire trucks.

FireTech LED Headlight Kit

As we open the box, you’ll see this kit contains four LED headlights.

We’ve got two high beams, and two high and low combo beams. This thing looks super sick.

As we pull these things out, let me just set them on the table.

What you’ll see is:

  • This one right here, it’s got two pins, it’s a high beam – goes in the inboard sections of your fire truck
  • Then we’ve got three pins, that’s a high/low beam and three pins, that’s a high/low beam – goes on the the outboard sections of your fire truck

So, these two go in the outboard sections of your fire truck and these two go in the inboard sections of your fire truck.

Connect the Power Supply

When you look on the back, you’ll see the headlights have a “halo” wire attachment. These go to your marker light circuit or any of the park lamps in the fire truck. You just run that to a power wire. Usually, they are tucked right behind the headlight.

What Makes FireTech Headlights Special?

Talking about the headlight itself, “What makes this thing unique for a fire truck application?”

I’ll show you on the high-low headlight.

Angle of the Optics

It’s that when you’re looking at the fixture, these optics right here are angled down. So typically, when you look at the shape of a beam for a LED headlight, we’re going to project light further away from the vehicle to keep the drivers from fatiguing early while driving a long distance at night. Because a lot of times this style of headlight is used by the over the road trucking market, at night time on long hauls.

But in fire trucks, we’re responding typically in a different type of profile: We’re going 45 miles per hour or less on average (and we get it, you guys drive fast, but if you average it out, that’s the typical speed of a fire truck) and typically, it’s 15 minutes or less, so we’re not looking to reduce drive fatigue over a long distance driving at night.

We’re looking to illuminate the foreground and illuminate the area near the fire truck, so that when you’re pulling on to an incident, you can see all the things around the fire ground that are important.

So when you look at this headlight, this “half-moon” shape piece in the middle, that’s our standard DOT low beam and what make this unique for the fire service application is that we add these extra optics here on either side that tilt down a little bit and illuminate the area between the bumper and the bottom of that traditional low beam.

It’s not like we bring all of the light in. We’re actually adding more light in those areas.

What else is cool, if you look at this ring feature around the headlight, that’s a “halo.” That’s energized by this park lamp wire.

GORE PolyVent

But one of the most unique features about the headlight is this thing on the back.

When you’re installing, you pull this little silicon vent cover off and this thing back here is called a GORE PolyVent. This is screwing in to the back of the housing.

One of the things that we found during the engineering of this product, was that fire truck headlights typically operate hotter than headlights used in other markets because when you pull on to a fire scene, you stop. That lack of airflow while you’re driving and the headlights are still burning, causes the pressure inside of most firetruck headlights to increase, because the temperature is hotter.

A hot headlight with high pressure inside eventually is likely to vent that pressure out between the little strands of copper in the wiring. In order to prevent that, we add this GORE PolyVent. That GORE PolyVent allows the pressure to equalize and it acts almost like a pop-off valve as the pressure increases, it blows air pressure out of that vent valve and then when it cools, it can allow ambient atmospheric air to come back through.

But what’s neat, is that there is a membrane inside of there that prevents water entering back through that vent valve. So, with this headlight, you’re never going to have to worry about condensation building up inside the headlight and, if it ever does, that vent valve is designed specifically to allow it to vent out right away.

With the FireTech headlight, you can take this thing out on the fire ground, you can let it get hot, and that pressure is going to equalize because we have a PolyVent valve. Once you get back to the fire station, even if you spray that hot headlight with cool water, it’s not going to get inside the headlight because that GORE membrane keeps the water from passing inside.

Contact a FireTech Brand Consultant Today!

We’ve got a couple of really great demo programs where you can put this using your truck, run them for 30 days, try them out and see what you think, and then if you like, keep them, if not, send them back, we won’t even charge your card. Anyway, looking forward to doing business with you soon. Thank you so much for checking this out.

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