Warranty Policy:

Extended Warranty: Limited Life Time Warranty for FireTech badged products in the Fire/Rescue/Emergency Services Markets

  1. A proof of purchase is required to validate all warranty claims. The warranty period is valid starting from the original date of purchase.
  2. All products must have been purchased through an FireTech Authorized Reseller to be eligible for warranty.
  3. Damage resulting from any improper installation, accident, abuse, neglect or normal wear are not covered under warranty. Actions which void the warranty include:
  4. warranty card frontOpening of the lighting fixture
    • Cutting any connectors or cords
    • Broken Glass
    • Damage caused by physical abuse
    • Lights operated in environments outside their stated specifications*
  5. LEDs color shifting, dimming or going out completely are covered under this warranty policy)
  6. Warranty items will be repaired to working condition and returned without cosmetic alterations.
  7. If a product is deemed not to be covered under warranty, customers will be responsible for the return shipping charges.
  8. Items not covered under warranty can be repaired at the customer’s expense for parts and labor, at the discretion of HiViz LED Lighting, who will provide an estimated repair cost before proceeding with the repair.
  9. For applications where removal of the fixture will cause the apparatus to go “out of service”, if inventory allows and at the discretion of HiViz LED Lighting, HiViz LED Lighting will advance-exchange the product.  Advance exchanges MUST be accompanied by a purchase order that can be billed against if the original equipment is not returned to HiViz within 14 business days.

*All External AC Power Supplies and FlexPower modules manufactured by meanwell carry a 5 year warranty.

*Firetech lights are NOT designed for use as interior structural firefighting aides.  Care must be taken not to melt or thermally damage housings and other components; this includes use on aerial devices above high thermal impact zones.  If the environment is hot enough that it would pop the thermal indicator on a ground ladder, its probably too hot for a scene light.  Please use common sense here.

If your product meets the criteria for warranty repair, please see below for instructions for how to complete a warranty claim

All products should be bench tested before shipping product back.

  • warranty card hivizA bench test is defined as removing the fixture from what ever it is mounted on, attaching a SHORT pigtail (less than 12″) directly to a known-good 12v battery bypassing any relays, switches, or other electrical infrastructure between the fixture and the power source.
  • Lights with deutsch connector cut off will not be repaired under warranty.  Cutting off the deutsch connector will cause water intrusion.
  • Physical damage is not covered under warranty.
  • Please see attached warranty policy for all terms and conditions.
  • Original sales invoice is required to validate warranty. Returns sent without original sales invoice will not be repaired or replaced under warranty. Invoice\receipt must be attached.

If you have questions, please call us. 703-662-3458

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Fault Code

(Please list the Fault Code number next to the product above – reason the return is being requested)

  1. Does Not Turn on at 12V
  2. Does Not Turn on at 24 V
  3. Moisture Inside housing
  4. Light Flickers
  5. Some LED’s are out
  6. Other (Please explain)

Physical Damage Code

(Please list the Physical Damage Code number next to the product above)

  1. Cut Wiring (No Deutsch Plug)
  2. Physical Damage to Housing
  3. Scratched or Broken Lens
  4. Broken mount to Mounting Bolt
  5. Heat Damage
  6. Other + Explanation
  7. No Physical Damage

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