Feature: Roanoke Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department

An image of RWVFD's truck


Feature: Roanoke Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department

Roanoke Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department, located in Littleton, NC, is one of the most modern fire departments in the Lake Gaston, North Carolina area, providing services for over 10,000 full-time residents covering approximately 23 square miles in Northampton and Warren Counties. They describe themselves as “a group of men and women who share the love for what we do.” The department’s Chief Lorenzo Wilkins was named the 2019 Person of the Year by the Lake Gaston Community Center for his exemplary service in the community. This community focus characterizes the entire department, who say that they’re a family “and our community are family as well.”

Their pumper, built on a Rosenbauer Warrior Chassis, was originally a demo unit built by C.W. Williams. Joel Callihan says that C.W. Williams learned all about the FireTech options in building this truck, wanting to get the most out of FireTech’s “unmatched performance.”


Image of the front of RWVFD's truck


This truck features a narrow 96” cab for negotiating tight areas. The front is lit up by a set of FireTech headlights, featuring the signature halo park lamps, as well as the FireTech 72” Brow Light, producing 28,512 raw lumens through Spot, Flood, and Scene optics. The truck is a high side pumper, which means the hard suction and other accessories commonly stored on the sides of the truck are instead stored inside upper compartments, and the body sheets extend all the way up the back of the truck. This makes it a perfect application for the FireTech Guardians mounted around the sides. The Guardian’s asymmetric optic shines light down and out, and, when mounted at the outermost edge on the high side sheets, produces maximum light around the vehicle. The Guardians are also thick enough to shine light straight to the ground, illuminating past the oversized hardware of the Amdor roll-up doors and shining light as close as possible to the sides of the truck.

The compartments are lit up by FireTech Heavy Duty strip light fixtures, and FireTech Sub-Aqua Undercarriage Lights illuminate the ground around the exterior. The rear of this truck is particularly difficult to light, but C.W. Williams tackled this problem by using three WL-3500 work lights on station mounts on the left and right, in addition to a centrally-mounted Guardian. The combination of symmetrical optics in the work lights and asymmetrical optics in the Guardian give a much broader light coverage at the back of the truck than a single system could produce alone.


Close-up of headlights on truck


Aside from the awesome (we think!) scene lighting package, the Rosenbauer Warrior features three windshield wiper blades, providing a safe, clear view of the road in inclement weather. The rear step is lowered to allow for an ergonomic step up for pulling hoses off the rear. Lastly, Rosenbauer designed this truck to have storage in the step-wells for eight spare air cylinders and two fire extinguishers.


Rear of RWVFD's truck


The Specs

Rosenbauer Pumper with Warrior chassis, 96″ wide with 8″ raise

Rosenbauer CRT 12 gauge 304 stainless steel body construction

Rosenbauer EZ-Climb rear access ladder

Cummins L9 with 450 HP / Allison 3000 Transmission

1000/20 gallon UPF Tanks

HiViz FireTech LED Headlights, Compartment Lights, and Ground Lights

Waterous 1500 GPM Pump

Preconnects Front of Hosebed, Above Pump Enclosure and Front Bumper

Internal Storage for Ground Ladders, Pike Poles, & Hard Suction

Wheel Well Bottle Storage for Eight (8) SCBAs, & Two (2) Fire Extinguishers



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