FireTech Grilles


Purpose built for the front of your Firetruck or Ambulance, the FireTech LED Grille kits are the perfect solution when looking for an upgrade to the factory headlights without altering the DOT compliance on the fixtures.

The FireTech LED Grilles are designed with (4) Federal Signal FireRay 7×4 warning lights and (4) Vision X / HiViz LEDs “FIRETECH” CG2 Off-road Light Cannons.  Two cannons sport a single highly focused LED for long distance projection, while the other two multi-optic cannons project light in a wide spot beam to fill in the foreground.  These fixtures are a bolt-on solution giving maximum visibility to the front of your fire or other emergency vehicle.

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HiViz LED Lighting provides all the work lighting, scene lighting, and flood lighting a fire apparatus may need. If you would like to learn more about any of our scene lighting products, our company, or our limited lifetime warranty, visit our Dealer Locator page to discover your closest FireTech dealer! You can also call 703.662.3458 to speak with a dealer.

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