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At HiViz, we understand not everything needs to be flashy to get the job done. In fact, it’s often the simple products that function the best. We know not every fixture on an apparatus needs to be huge–in fact, many of them would be distracting and inefficient if they got too big! That’s why we offer floodlights and utility fixtures like the WL-2000.


Entry-Level Flood Lights and Work Lights

The WL-2000 was designed as an ultra-reliable entry-level utility flood and work light for use on fire apparatus. It is one of the smallest fixtures in the industry with a photometric footprint capable of meeting the NFPA 1901 requirements when used on the rear of an apparatus, or in areas like dunnage, hose bed, or walking surfaces. This fixture costs similar to others on the market of similar size but performs like no other.

In today’s world, fire departments are always striving to improve two fundamentals: efficiency and crew safety. While our FireTech Brow Lights and scene lights offer you the large-scale capabilities to light up potential hazards at an emergency scene, our smaller offerings put light in the small but important places. As fire departments continue to focus on crew safety, we recommend using our NFPA 1901 qualified flood lights to illuminate crew areas on the apparatus.

Wattage: 20
# of LEDs: 4 LEDs
Voltage Range: 11-65v DC
Total Amperage @ 12V DC: 1.66
RAW Lumens: 2112 Lumens
Effective Lumens: 1,164 Lumens

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HiViz LED Lighting provides all the work lighting, scene lighting, and flood lighting a fire apparatus may need. If you would like to learn more about any of our scene lighting products, our company, or our limited lifetime warranty, visit our Dealer Locator page to discover your closest FireTech dealer! You can also call 703.662.3458 to speak with a dealer.

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