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Bringing Next-Generation Optic and LED Tech into the Pole-Mounted World

The all new FireTech Guardian Pole Mounted Scene Light brings the next-generation optic and LED technology from the Guardian and Guardian Elite into the pole-mounted world, offering a more traditional look/feel with all of the electronics neatly tucked away inside the housing.


Transferring the maximum light from the source to the scene

The SL-GSM Pole Mounted Scene Light is available in 10,000 lumen equivalent light output, as well as an earth-shattering 20,000 equivalent lumen configuration for times when you simply cant be left to get the job done in the dark.

The Pole Mounted Guardian series fixtures use large LEDs, under-driven for extreme luminous efficacy, and articulated circuit boards so that our symmetrical collimator optics can transfer the maximum light from the SOURCE to the SCENE. All that, with a retail price of less than $1,000!

For more information about how the FireTech Guardian and Guardian Elite Pole Mounted Scene Lights can be implemented in your fleet, ask a FireTech team member for more info, or contact us below.

Key Features

  • Compact Size

  • Less than 20% Thermal Degradation

  • 10k and 20k Equivalent Light Output

  • AC or DC Operation

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HiViz LED Lighting provides all the work lighting, scene lighting, and flood lighting a fire apparatus may need. If you would like to learn more about any of our scene lighting products, our company, or our limited lifetime warranty, visit our Dealer Locator page to discover your closest FireTech dealer! You can also call 703.662.3458 to speak with a dealer.

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