P500 Multipurpose Wide Flood Utility Light

When you need to illuminate something very close to the light source (undercarriage, work area, engine bay, compartment area etc) the FT-CU-P500 Utility light is the ticket.  By bring the LED chips all the way up to the lens and forgoing installation of an optic collimator, the P500 produces a very disperse light pattern.  It’s like using a home defense round in a shotgun vs a slug when it comes to light output pattern.  It does not really matter how you aim the light, you’ll get a ball of illumination 10-20′ from the source with gradual dispersion in all directions.

For those of you who often do patient care on entrapped victims in auto collisions, The CU-P500 is a great light hooked to a battery pack and mounted on a magnetic base.  You can rip back the headliner and have instant visual control of your workspace without having to worry about the unit getting hot or aiming in your patient.  The 6,000-degree color temp is also great when you’re trying to find a hard-to-stick vein in your patient.

*The P-500 is Sam Massa’s favorite product in the entire FireTech range

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Product Configuration
  • Part # FT-CU-P500
  • amp-draw-12v
  • Voltage
  • Model
  • color
  • effective-lumens
  • Wattage
  • raw-lumens
  • Marker Lights Options
  • Length
  • Circuitry
  • Beam Pattern
  • Diameter
  • Housing Color
  • Kit Option
  • Image
  • Approx. Length
  • Technical Specification:
  • Wattage:6.0W
  • Amperage @ 12v:0.5A
  • Weight:.41lb
  • Ingress Protection:IP67
  • Service Life:50,000 hr
  • Ultra Wide Flood Light
  • 32 SMD mount LED chips
  • Nylon Housing
  • Excellent Compartment or Undercarriage light