Ultimate Rear Camera-Integrated Scene Light

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Visibility is the key to safety on a fire scene. Whether it’s lighting a dark area at night or providing a live video feed from one side of the apparatus to the other during the day, the FireTech brand has you covered.  Some of our OEM customers brought us a need for a single fixture with multiple functions, one of them being a need for visibility during the day.

Add “R” to the part number to include red LEDs in the outer 3 modules.

The MB24-C-FR combines the light output of an FT-MB-18 with optional flashing colored end caps, and a centrally mounted wide-angle adjustable video camera.  The MB24-C-FR is an excellent option for truck builders who are looking for a convenient way to gain back the backup camera functionality after replacing a trucked with an integrated tailgate-mounted camera.

This camera can be wired into a display (like the Class 1 “UltraView”) on a multiplex fire apparatus, or for smaller rigs, can be wired to the factory harness for seamless integration with the truck’s factory-installed backup camera system.  For rigs without integrated screens or backup systems, a simple aftermarket video monitor can be installed for minimal cost.

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  • Technical Specification:
  • Outstanding Light Output
  • Integrated Color Video Camera
  • Flashing Red Outer 3 LED Modules
  • Marine Grade
  • Anti-Corrosive Coating

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