Scene Lighting Tips: Lighting the Front Corners

Southeast Fire Dept Brow Light Mounting

Scene Lighting Tips: Lighting the Front Corners


The corners off the front of an apparatus cab can make it difficult to eliminate dark areas with scene lighting. Southeast Volunteer Fire Department in Texas found a unique way to handle this problem, using a 72″ FireTech Brow Light paired with two outward-angled MiniBrow Lights on each corner of the cab.

The 3-LED MiniBrow Lights, which use flood optics, throw light in both 45 degree directions. This setup is useful for off-angle positioning on scene and address spotting.

photometric image without angled minibrow lights

Without corner MiniBrow Lights

photometric image with angled minibrow lights

With Corner MiniBrow Lights

All three light fixtures are mounted on a custom mounting bracket. The front of the cab can often produce a shadow on the ground in front of the rig. This bracket places the lights forward of the leading edge, ensuring no light is blocked by front edge of the cab. For information on the best mounting practices for your application, email us at [email protected]! We’re always happy to help you find the best solution for your apparatus.

Close up of Brow Light Corner Mounting

For reference, this truck is Pierce Job No. 33328, sold by Siddons-Martin Emergency Group. Reach out to us at [email protected] or the sales specialists at Siddons-Martin Emergency Group for more information on this build.


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